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TCL announces for a pilot road project in Thilafushi

TCL announces tender for the pilot road project. The project includes pavement of 183 MTRs of road to a special designed developed for the special circumstances inherent in Thilafushi 1 area.


TCL participates in The Maldives Investment Forum 2014

The Maldives Investment Forum (MIF), Singapore is an initiative of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Government of Maldives, showcasing the immense potential of Maldives as an attractive investment destination.


Thilafushi Aamu Gavaidhu (General Rules & Regulations)

As K.Thilafushi has been a self regulated island since the very beginning, it is very complex to impose any regulation at this stage since Thilafushi consists of various standards of buildings and is developed based on no land use plan.To overcome most of the issues


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Posted On : 13 Nov, 2014, Expire On: 26 Nov 2014    Tender - Valuation of Land and Surroundings of K. Thilafushi
Posted On : 8 Oct, 2014, Expire On: 30 Oct 2014     Re-Tender- Road Roller
Posted On : 1 Sept, 2014, Expire On: 8 Sept 2014     Tender- Pilot Road Project In Thilafushi
Posted On : 1 Sept, 2014, Expire On: 8 Sept 2014     Tender- Speed Boat with Engine